UUs Gathering In Community Over 4 Weeks, Combining Spiritual Enrichment & Lots Of Fun!

What is VUUMAC?

For 39 years UUMAC has met once a year to build a beloved community & deepen our Unitarian Universalist faith. We are determined to sustain our connection, and welcome new friends into our embrace, despite our inability to meet in person. Since we are experimenting with this new format the entire program is being offered for FREE.



Reflect.    Renew.    Return.


Everyone who attends UUMAC always wishes it lasted longer, and now that wish has come true! Join us for VUUMAC, a Virtual gathering for worship, spiritual growth, friendship and fun scheduled over FOUR weeks. You can choose to participate in just a couple events, or as many as fit into your schedule.


We’ll have a fast-paced welcoming event on Sunday, July 12 to meet each other.  Then July 13th our program officially starts with an Opening Ceremony, followed by our first worship service. Worship will be weekly on four consecutive Monday nights, Vespers will be weekly on four consecutive Thursday nights.  


From July 12 through August 8th almost all days and/or nights have events planned for either kids, tweens, teens or adults of all ages.  Whether you attend only one worship or every event it is all FREE!



We are experiencing a time of unprecedented upheaval in our country. Millions of people are reflecting on how we got to this tipping point, and what can be changed as we go forward.


How can our UU values contribute to these goals? How do we heal ourselves and assist in this transformation? 


These questions lead to our theme for this year: ‘Self Love as Power for Social Justice’. 


By renewing ourselves in our faith and values we can be a force of change towards a better future. We can then return to our local communities and participate more fully in building an inclusive society where all are treated with respect & equality.

Join our community and exciting schedule of events by clicking the button below, or the ‘Join Us!’ tab on the banner.  Once you’ve become a member you’ll have access to our event calendar and be able to register to attend anything that piques your interest.


As with the rest of our program becoming a member is secure, easy and FREE!

We would love for you to come and join us!

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