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UUMAC registration fees include UUMAC programming, double occupancy dormitory housing, and meals. Registration fees are determined by the age of the person registering.  Afternoon activities may have additional fees.  The early morning mind/body awareness workshop (often yoga or tai chi) has an additional fee.

Double occupancy housing is 2 people in a room that shares a bathroom with 2 other people.  Registrants requesting a single occupancy room will be charged $150 to cover the room costs for half the room.  In the unlikely event that we run out of rooms, we will reach out to registrants and determine who is willing to shift their plans and accept a roomate.  Groups who request triple occupancy (2 beds, 1 person sleeps on the floor) will receive a discount of $25 per person.  Groups who request quad occupancy (2 beds, 2 people sleep on the floor) will receive a discount of $37.50 per person.

For 2022, we are trying a new way to get scholarship assistance to community members with financial need.  Please complete your registration, the pay what you can process is explained on the last page where the total fee for each registering family is calculated




The registration fee for adults 18 and older
is $649. 


Teens and Tweens

The registration fee for Teens aged 14 to 17
is $58

The registration fee for Tweens aged 10 to 13
is $519.



The registration fee for school-aged children aged 5 to 9
is $299.

Very young children aged 0 to 4 attend UUMAC at no charge.

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