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Morning Kripalu Yoga
Cheryl Sabo

Each yoga class includes breath work, flowing yoga postures, balancing postures, core work, meditation and relaxation.  When the body and mind are quiet, energy is balanced and you'll feel great.  Appropriate for beginners through experienced students of yoga.

This workshop will be provided without an additional fee this year. Instead, if you are able to do so, please donate to the scholarship fund.

*Participants will need to bring their own Yoga mat


Everyone is an Artist
Cindy Williams

This workshop is designed for those that believe they are artistic and those that believe they aren't. Enjoy learning mixed media techniques and create a wall hanging, altered playing cards or whatever you want to make. I truly believe that everyone is an artist and all we need are fun supplies and a little instruction.


You will learn to use:

upcycled wood
broken jewelry

Screenshot (67).png

Cindy will bring all of the supplies and there is a $20 materials fee.

Don't let the fee stop you from joining, just let her know if it is an issue.

West African Drum Rhythms (Guinea)
Sharon Pataky

In the “West African Drum Rhythms” workshop, you will learn all about the djembe and dundun drums, some history, traditional djembe rhythms and their meanings, and possibly some song if time permits. We will touch on proper technique, listening skills, and ensemble playing. A djembe or dunun drum is required for this workshop. If you do not have one and want to take this workshop, please try to borrow one, or contact Sharon so she can bring an extra.

Screenshot (68).png

Play as a Spiritual Discipline
Ken Shilling

As children, we play to be something we do not yet understand. Play enables us to express ourselves freely without concern for mistakes. Play unleashes a creative drive to heal and be whole. We will create play-space together. We will reflect on our play and share our experiences to enhance our play with each other. We will love, know, and grow in play together. We will play in the sacred silliness in which you find yourself. We will explore a variety of styles of UUMAC play. Bring a crazy hat, some silly outfit, puns. Come to play. Each day will have a different theme. Childhood games, words at play, mad-cap merriment, carnival, and “the whole world is a stage”.

Screenshot (69).png

Start With Strengths
Abby Crowley

Gallup's Clifton Strengths assessment and workshop will provide you with an understanding of your natural talents and how to use them to thrive in your personal and professional life. After taking the assessment, you will: explore your top 5 strengths and how they manifest; reframe and manage weaknesses; explore how culture, identity, and other contextual factors influence our strengths; and aim your strengths to accomplish your goals. 

There will be a $19.99 charge for participants to take the assessment on on the first day of class. You will need to bring a laptop, tablet or phone to the first class as well as a credit card to pay for the assessment. All other materials will be provided by the instructor. Abby Crowley is a certified and experienced Clifton Strengths coach.

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Fun With Science
Sharon Kennelty-Cohen

Each day will have a different emphasis, all relating to the UUMAC 2022 theme Go Lifted Up.


Some of the things participants will explore :


  • Wind Energy and Anemometers by creating spinners and tools which use air movement as a motive force.

  • Birds and Bernoulli by comparing and contrasting different feathers, discuss and demonstrate how air moves and design a bird or flying object.

  • Go Fly a Kite by building both a simple quadrangular kite and a more complex style.

  • Balloon propulsion by building a hot air balloon.

  • Vinegar rocket by creating a simple chemical rocket which will not damage the environment.

  • Astronomy by creating a viewing tool for observation.

Sharon Workshop Photo.jpg

Sharon will bring all of the supplies and there is a $20 materials fee.

Don't let the fee stop you from joining, just let her know if it is an issue.

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